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Simply The Best.

GreenBytes desktop virtualization storage optimization solutions are uniquely simple, affordable, compatible and effective.

The IO Offload Engine appliance and vIO virtual storage appliance make full-featured virtual desktops work properly without changing your existing infrastructure. Delivering an exceptional user experience and extraordinary performance in mission-critical virtual desktop environments, GreenBytes solutions can scale from a single department to cloud with the same approach and architecture, without adding risk or complexity.


Desktop Virtualization, Unleashed.

Everyone knows that storage-related IO is the principal bottleneck for desktop virtualization, and many vendors are promoting Flash as the solution — but deploying Flash without GreenBytes’ patented zero latency inline deduplication technology is cost prohibitive. GreenBytes has true, real-time, inline deduplication that reduces the number of writes seen by the SSDs, increasing Flash endurance while enabling awesome performance.


Competing solutions offer some of the components that enable VDI to work, but only GreenBytes’ IO Offload Engine and vIO combine all of the integral features into a single, easy to deploy and scale desktop virtualization solution that provides a full-featured virtual desktop experience.


With the IO Offload Engine and vIO, GreenBytes gives you Full Clones for the full desktop experience. It’s your desktop, virtualized.


IO Offload Engine vs. Other All-Flash Solutions

The GreenBytes IO Offload Engine is specifically designed for desktop virtualization. Our product stands out from other all-SSD storage arrays as every appliance is fully loaded, featuring high-availability (HA) with automatic failover. There are no additional licenses or options to purchase.


GreenBytes’ patented zero latency inline deduplication (removal of redundant data before or as it is being written to a storage device) and compression is the envy of the industry. We have invested many years perfecting our patented technology, deduplicating and compressing all your data – not just a portion.


Scaling virtual desktops has never been easier. A single IO Offload Engine can handle from 100s to 1000s of persistent or non-persistent virtual desktops.


The IO Offload Engine is designed only for desktop virtualization, unlike other all-Flash solutions that are merely extending their product’s reach.


Vs. Hybrid Solutions

SSD and spinning disk hybrid solutions are just not fast enough to handle desktop virtualization at scale. The number of disks necessary for speed means an investment in technology that doesn’t satisfy the ultimate requirements.


Use of Flash in hybrids can help speed things up, but still leaves a treacherous bottleneck in speed when exceeded. Hybrids can be suitable in some less IO-intensive virtualization environments, but they are only a step above traditional storage when used in a desktop virtualization environment.

Jim Zakzeski, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ClearCube Technology ““The storage capabilities that the GreenBytes solution provides are leading edge; cutting through all the hype and white-noise in the VDI storage marketplace with break-through performance. The practical benefits from GreenBytes’ patented deduplication efficiency are profound and significantly impact the economics of the storage component of VDI deployments to the tune of 15:1 cost savings, making persistent full clones very attractive.”

Full Clones for the Full Desktop Experience

Desktop Virtualization has been one of the killer applications identified that really benefits from Flash; however, the amount of Flash needed to support desktop virtualization at scale makes it uneconomic for all but the most extreme use cases. Without inline deduplication, you have to provision way too much Flash memory capacity in order to make it work. With inline deduplication, the amount of Flash required to support a desktop virtualization project can be reduced by as much as 98%.


During the server virtualization wave, End User Computing teams came under increasing pressure from IT management who wanted to bring virtualization benefits such as flexibility to the desktop. Desktop teams resisted the change because the Desktop Virtualization products available did not fit with their long-held tools and processes for supporting physical desktops, in addition to management and security concerns.


GreenBytes’ support for Full Clones fits perfectly with the ‘keep it simple’ approach and allows End User Computing teams to leverage their existing working practices, management tools and years of knowledge and experience. Of course, the additional benefit is that full clone virtual desktops are centrally managed and data remains on site for quick and easy recovery and restore.


The Virtual Desktop Dilemma: One Size Does Not Fit All

In the complex and disappointing world of Linked Clones, gone is your personal desktop, replaced by a pale doppelgänger. With linked clones, users are forced to use an approximation of their desktop – they are stateless sessions that restart when called upon again for active duty. Worse, to get access to your favorite apps, thin clones require additional layers of complexity to virtualize and intermediate applications designed for physical desktops.


The downside of linked clones are many: they are only as good as their master image, and so to be efficient, one size should fit most. A user is forced to abandon their existing desktop deployment and management software, and IT must purchase and learn new software and methodology. Why? Principally, because storage is too expensive to give everyone the 40GB footprint needed by a full virtual desktop.


If the VDI Storage Problem Didn’t Exist, Then Neither Would Linked Clones

Linked Clones are designed to satisfy the needs of task workers, which is fine for about 10% of us, but they fail to meet the needs of more demanding knowledge users who want to have the full desktop experience they are familiar with from the physical world.


Other approaches to desktop virtualization attempt to de-emphasize the full clone story because they simply cannot deliver the IO performance and data reduction technologies required to enable large-scale virtual desktop deployments. Our competitors pitch the linked clone message because they simply cannot deliver full clones at scale without breaking the bank.


Users have spoken. If linked clones were acceptable, everyone would already have them. Storage is the bottleneck for full clones, and every VDI solution provider would be selling the full clone message if they could offer the Flash storage capacity and performance required at a reasonable cost. GreenBytes can fit a quart into a shot glass thanks to our patented inline deduplication. We change the economics entirely and make delivery of a Full Clone virtual desktop feasible with the same performance you would get by paying full price for all that Flash storage with someone else.


It’s Your Desktop, Virtualized.

You have a choice. Rather than settling for something designed for the average user (and what is an average user?), you can choose to deploy full virtual desktops. There is only one requirement: inline deduplication – and GreenBytes holds the seminal patent on this integral component of our ultra-performant desktop virtualization solution that gives users the full-featured virtual desktop they want at a price that your organization can afford.


When Task Workers Need Linked Clones

Sometimes Linked Clones are absolutely required for some or all of your VDI project, and GreenBytes has you covered. GreenBytes gives you the choice – full clones, linked clones or a mixture of each. Our patented inline deduplication technology adds value to all deployment scenarios and gives Virtual Desktop Architects the flexibility to choose based on real business need, without being constrained by economic or technical limitations. GreenBytes deduplicates linked clones, enabling a massive 80% capacity reduction over normal full versions.


Desktop virtualization projects fail for two main reasons: Complexity and Cost. A traditional scenario is as follows:


An IT administrator sets up a small proof of concept environment for 20-50 users. The entire environment gets set up in a couple of hours and they get great performance with their existing infrastructure. Yay! So, now it’s time to deploy for real… and here’s where those two reasons why desktop virtualization projects fail come in.


At this point, the IT administrator realizes that their storage infrastructure won’t work for the extra 1000 users they need to add, so they go and get quotes from their SAN vendor. Guess how much disk for 1000 users costs? Oh, about $150,000 – yeah, disks are expensive, especially when you have to throw in some flash storage to allow your users to actually boot in a timely manner. Uh oh – cost just went up! Way up. That’s okay, though — IT can handle that. But now we have to integrate that SAN upgrade – all sorts of LUN sizing exercises, planning and testing to make sure that every user gets a good experience. There’s that complexity.


What if there was a better way? A simpler way. A more cost-effective way. There is! The GreenBytes IO Offload Engine and vIO allow you to deploy storage for your desktop virtualization users in minutes, not weeks – and there are no complex sizing exercises necessary – we’ve done the testing and reference architectures for you. Decide if you want 100, 300, or even 4500 users. We’ll set you up with either a virtual or physical appliance that can get you up and running immediately – with no changes to your existing storage needed.

Boost Server-Based Computing Performance While Slashing Costs

Server-Based Computing (SBC), such as Citrix XenApp, can be plagued by storage issues that cause costs to skyrocket and performance to take a huge hit. The write-intensive nature of the SBC server’s write cache puts such a high load on the SAN that response times often slow dramatically and users experience dropped connections.


You can attempt to combat these effects by upgrading the SAN, but this usually requires an expensive and time consuming ‘forklift upgrade’. Plus, you’d also have to invest in more power and space. For most businesses, it’s just not worth the cost or the headache. With GreenBytes, there’s no need anyway.


GreenBytes diverts heavy SBC traffic from your SAN while deduplicating and compressing the data –resulting in extraordinarily better performance from your server and significant cost savings. You’ll decrease your storage needs by 80% and enable much higher IOPS and throughput. Instead of stalling or booting users off the system, SBC servers will run at optimal levels all the time.

GreenBytes Award-Winning Desktop Virtualization Technology in Action with P2V

Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) products empower customers to quickly convert or copy physical or virtual machine types to specific virtual machine formats. For example, VMware’s vCenter Converter takes physical machines (and other virtual formats) and, with a few simple steps, makes an ESXi-compatible image format. The end product of a vCenter Converter operation can be a truly customized Full Clone, the most desirable objective for customer virtual desktop environments. GreenBytes optimizes the footprint for full clones by providing them with high-performance resources.


GreenBytes’ IO Offload Engine, with its ultra-performant patented inline deduplication and compression technology, enables organizations to take customized, full clone virtual desktops to the cloud, giving users all of their applications, wallpaper and even icons as they like them. No need to reinstall applications or customize desktops.


With the IO Offload Engine and VMware’s vCenter Converter, simply line up the desktop and convert — physical-to-virtual, P2V.

Service & Support

GreenBytes products are backed with a rock solid warranty and 24/7/365 support.

Extend your coverage to 1, 2, or 3 years beyond the complementary warranty period with our Gold support option.


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